If you were to look in my bathroom, you’d think that I could use a different product every day of the year without ever repeating myself. And it just may be true! But, there are some products out there that are so good, I use them regularly even with a whole beauty supply store at my disposal. My skincare go-to’s are my lifesaver; I don’t have particularly needy skin, and overall it’s pretty healthy and flaw-free. Still, being the glamour girl that I am, I dedicate a good portion of my beauty routine to keeping my skin clear and clean. After all, top-shelf, expertly applied makeup can only go so far: if your skin is a mess underneath, it just won’t work as well as it should. One of my absolute must-haves for skin care is a face brush. You know how clean your teeth feel after using an electric toothbrush? That’s how a face brush makes your skin feel. There are two face brushes that I’ve used regularly, the Olay Pro X and the Clarisonic Mia, and I’m here to give you all the details on their pros and cons.


First off, you can’t really go wrong with any face brush if you’ve just been using your hands to wash your face. The bristles give you a deeper, more thorough clean than you could ever achieve without them. Face brushes can be six times more effective than just using your hands! If you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re just fine with your fingers, think again. A product that is specifically designed to get rid of all that dirt, oil, and nasty stuff out of your pores is always going to be better than your hands, thorough as they may be. After all, your hands don’t scrub away or absorb all that gross stuff; all they really do is spread it around. Maybe some of it comes off when you rinse off, but most of it will still be there, just in a new place. And your hands might be clean as could be, but chances are you’re just adding more grime and dirt each time. So stop kidding yourself and start asking the important questions: which face brush? And how much should I spend? The Olay Pro X and the Clarisonic Mia are great representations of the two types of face brushes available today; the Olay Pro X is moderately priced for the average user while the Clarisonic Mia is more expensive and professional-grade.


Clarisonic was actually the first company to introduce the face brush to the market, but Olay was hot on their trail. Where Clarisonic was innovative, Olay was consumer-friendly, offering their face brush at a lower price and marketing it in pharmacies and drugstores where users can easily find it. The Olay Pro X face brush, the first of its kind from Olay, using a circular motion that rotates the brush, clearing your face of grime and dirt. It doesn’t just move the dirt around, either, but completely removes it. Its ergonomic design makes it easy for anyone to use at any time, and it’s easy to use even on difficult-to-reach areas. Its compact size also makes it easy to hold and use. It has soft, gentle bristles that won’t irritate even very sensitive skin and feels good against your face. The Olay Pro X has a slow speed setting and a fast speed setting, with each speed having about a 30 second cycle. It comes with one type of brush head, and there’s no option to use a different sort of head. It takes two batteries and can be used in the shower or under running water.

Clarisonic Mia
VALUE 100%


Olay Pro X
PRICE 100%


Clarisonic was the pioneer of the face brush, so they had a lot of control over the price they could set and the promises they could make. Clarisonic offers a number of different types of face brushes, all with unique speed settings and even designed for specific parts of your body. Typically, a Clarisonic face brush will come with a corresponding skincare product either in full or trial size. The brush on Clarisonic face brushes will need to be replaced every three months; the brushes also offer four different styles ranging from sensitive to normal to deep pore to acne. The Clarisonic Mia is the lowest-priced model available in the Clarisonic line. It uses sonic vibrations created by the oscillating motor to give you an extremely deep clean of your pores. The sonic vibrations stimulate your pores and allow the dirt and grime in them to be released. If you use the Clarisonic Mia over time, you will find that your skin gradually becomes cleaner naturally because its deep pore cleansing allows your pores to close and look tighter and smaller. This model is definitely travel sized, but it’s not very compact. It can certainly reach all of your crevices and tricky areas on your face, but it is bulky. The Clarisonic Mia comes standard with the sensitive brush, but you can alternate to any of the others than you want. The sensitive brush is very good for sensitive, irritable skin. This model comes with one pre-set speed and has one-minute cycles. It is rechargeable by plugging it into the wall, and can be used in the shower or under running water.

In my opinion, after using both the Olay Pro X and the Clarisonic Mia, I believe the Clarisonic Mia far outperforms the Olay Pro X, and is worth every dollar. For one thing, the Clarisonic Mia gives you a full range of options that you can tailor to suit your specific needs, whereas the Olay Pro X has more of a one-size-fits-all approach. Besides that, though, my main preference is based on performance. The Clarisonic Mia left my face feeling fresher, cleaner, and less clogged than the Olay Pro X. I generally have good skin anyway, so for me to say I really noticed the difference means a lot about the product. The Pro X wasn’t a bad facial cleaner by any means, and it did a great job at leaving a clean feeling, but I still experienced acne sometimes and it didn’t get rid of my blackheads for good like the Mia did. I still experienced some breakouts with the Mia but they cleared up very quickly. Furthermore, I didn’t have to change the brushes on the Mia nearly as often as I did with the Clarisonic. You have to replace the head on the Pro X once every two months or so, but you can use the Clarisonic for the same amount of time and see no degradation on the brush head.

Still, if you are budget conscious, you’re going to be a lot better off buying the Pro X than you will just using your hands to wash your face. The Clarisonic is more like a long-term investment that will last you for a while whereas the Pro X is a more short-term solution and will require you to pay a little bit once in a while.

The Clarisonic really does deliver a punch, and when you consider that you will have to buy new brush heads for the Pro X every two months, the Clarisonic may seem like a better deal. You’ll save money in the long run because you will not have to pay for new brushes all the time, and the quality that you get with the Clarisonic can’t be beat. But, as I said, the Pro X is way better than nothing, and if you can only afford to spend a certain amount, it’s a good product that will help your skin be clearer and cleaner.