What would she like for her 40th birthday? This is the sort of question that will keep some people up at night, trying to think of the perfect gift for that special someone on a special birthday. Here are some foolproof ideas to get the reaction you want out of your loved one.

Flowering Plants and Trees

While flowers are always lovely and appreciated, you might consider giving your loved one more of a “forever” gift – if your living space permits it, perennial flowers that can be planted and will regrow season after season. A tree sapling or a flowering bush will also last year after year and bring joy for many seasons. Fruit trees would be especially nice, as they look beautiful but also gives their own sort of presents each year!

Design a Custom Cake

Every birthday party has a birthday cake – that’s a given! But you can make your loved one’s birthday extra special by ordering a custom designed cake for their 40th. You might have a bakery decorate the cake with a portrait or beloved photograph, fresh flowers (or edible replicas of her favorite flowers), or fresh fruit and chocolates. If you have a Chinese or Latin American bakery in your neighborhood, they will generally specialize in cakes adorned with flowers and fruit. The thing to remember is that her cake should be as special as she is!

Add Something to her Wardrobe

Nothing will make her feel more beautiful than a thoughtfully chosen article of clothing. Pay attention to her body type and personality when choosing something for her; some women would love a negligée, others would prefer a bathrobe or an evening gown. If you’re not sure her size, try to sneak a peek into her closet before shopping. Try to pick an especially fine material, like silk, to show her how precious she is to you. Choose something that, when she puts it on, reminds her that 40 is still young!

A Day of Pampering

Get her a gift certificate for a massage or another spa service at a local day spa. She might enjoy a facial, pedicure, or a Thai stretching massage. Think about her when you are purchasing the gift: would she prefer a hot stone massage, an aromatherapy massage, or a hot oil massage? If you’re not sure, ask the person helping you at the spa to describe them and make a recommendation. Look for coupons online or in local beauty schools. If you live near any hot springs, a nice present might be a weekend away at her favorite one.

Something a Little More Sparkly

Jewelry might seem cliché, but don’t let that fool you. Many women would still love to receive a piece of jewelry for their 40th birthday. Pearls are a classic choice that will look good on any woman (particularly women of a certain age). Some other stones you might consider are jade, which is a lucky stone in Chinese culture; emeralds, perfect for a green-eyed woman; purple amethyst, which tends to be more budget-friendly; or anything with her birth stone in it. After all, it is her birthday!

A Weekend Getaway

If you can afford it and she is the sort of person who loves to take trips, a getaway weekend might be her dream gift. You don’t have to fly her to Paris (though, if you had the budget, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind that!); consider a “staycation” where you visit a local bed and breakfast, or spend the weekend at a nearby city that she has always wanted to explore more. If she’s active and loves to ski, or wants to learn, a weekend trip to a ski resort would work perfect. Think about anywhere she has mentioned wanting to visit and plan from there! Your thoughtfulness will mean everything to her and make her 40th birthday the best she’s ever had.