There are many people nowadays that love gardening and don’t be surprised if on your list of acquaintances you’ll find a bunch of them that will be pleased to receive on a special occasion a gardening gift. The offer of gardening gifts is almost endless and can satisfy everyone, no matter of his experience in gardening. Furthermore, you’ll find this kind of gifts almost everywhere: feed store, nursery, farmer’s market, or grocery store, not forgetting about online choices.

If your acquaintance is a beginner in gardening, go buy him an informational guide or an instructional book on this topic as they offer guidance on how to avoid or get rid of insects, weeds, and diseases. Also, they give valuable information on best climates for different plant species and the amount of nutrients, water and light needed by each plant. Look for this type of books on the local bookstore, at nurseries or, of course, online. If your acquaintance is a computer enthusiast, do not hesitate and buy him a CD as it may prove a better choice in this case.

Books are great, but plants as gardening gifts are even better for either a beginner or an expert on gardening. You won’t go wrong if you’ll buy a classical gardening gift for special occasions, such as poinsettia at Xmas, or a random one like yucca or bracken fern. You can also offer like gift only seeds or a bulb. Also a perennial will please your friend over and over again.

Take also into consideration theme gardening gifts using plants. So, herbs can be coupled with a recipe card with instructions on using that herb. Also you may couple a plant that produces multicolor flowers with a book on how to esthetically combine colors.

Let’s not forget about the gardening tools as they are the most common gardening gift out there. There are hundreds of them from the most uncomplicated ones like hoes and rakes to the most sophisticated like blowers useful for getting rid of leaves or debris from sidewalks or equipments for greenhouses.

You might consider buying a calendar as maybe an unexpected and rarely used gardening gift. Calendars are at the same time useful and esthetically pleasing having wonderful gardening themes, enabling your friends to keep up with an aspect that affects most plants: the moon phase. And if you want a gift with detailed information on moon phase, best moment for planting or pruning, etc. find a farmer’s almanac as the best information source out there.

The greatest gardening gift of all is a gift certificate. These are issued by nurseries or stores with gardening plants and tools departments. Gift certificates enable the holder to get any plant or tool he lacks or dreams of having.

Buying gifts is always challenging, but by knowing that your friend loves gardening, this process will never be simpler. You have a wide range of gardening gifts to choose from and also a wide range of prices. So, you can choose to from books to tools and plants and from the cheapest pair of gloves to the more expensive choice like a lawn mower. So, ask your friend if he loves gardening and if yes go buy him a gardening gift. It will certainly please him.