Regarding baby cribs this is the first thing you must ask yourself in order to start looking for one: ‘What is the minimum and the maximum amount of money I’m willing to pay for it?’ And this is because it opens a wide array of choices on the long term. So having in mind a budget for buying a baby crib will be beneficial.

Baby cribs can be new or second hand. Choosing among these two is your major concern. There are government standards that baby cribs must meet. Also, you must keep in mind the safety of your infant and thus follow closely the assembly instruction provided by the manufacturer. You must also be sure to use the product properly.

Other major concern of yours must be the mattress safety as it has to have a tight and firm fitting. You must look for missing or broken parts or missing or loose slats. These are not allowed. Furthermore the distance between the slats should not exceed 2 3/8 inches – you can take a soda can for comparison. You must verify the foot and headboards to not have any cutouts. You should also avoid baby cribs with corner posts bigger than a sixteenth of an inch above the foot of the head bar.

Look for baby cribs with drop sides as you may consider it afterward the most useful feature of all. Baby cribs with fixed sides are appropriate in cases of occasionally use or for tall parents.
When buying a crib you must keep in mind the place in the room where it will be put. So, if you will place it against the wall you’ll naturally be looking for a single drop down sided one, but if you have enough space and intend to put it somewhere away from the walls, you should buy a double drop down sided baby crib.

The mechanism of lowering the drop sides may vary. Some baby cribs have a lever which can be pushed with the knee. So, you must only lean your knee against the side in order to lower it. It’s the best option when having the infant in your arms. This is the most widely spread type of crib.

The foot bar cribs are another type. They require you to balance on one foot and push the foot bar with the other one in order to drop the side. Also you can find on the market cribs with the double trigger drop mechanism. They have the drawback that you cannot lower the side if you are holding your infant in your arms as this mechanism imply squeezing the triggers that operate levers placed on both ends of the crib.

Wheels are another feature of help as you’ll find it easier to move the crib around in order to place it in another spot, change covering and clean or look for dropped toys under it. The casters should be strong enough and permit the easily relocation of the crib. They allow you to remove them in case you decide you don’t need them for the moment.

In most cases you can lower or heighten the mattress according to your infant height. Usually only the cheapest cribs do not offer this feature. Choose the three position option as it is the easiest in everyday use. Single height option or two height option are also available on cribs. The latter is ok but the former has a major drawback. It doesn’t permit the appropriate adjustment by lowering the mattress to match the height of the infant. This is useful as the baby grows.

Also, pay attention to mattress’ supports. Those that are made of vinyl are not durable because in time they become worn and break themselves. There are also baby cribs with metal bar supports which are more acceptable. The third option, with metal spring system is the leading choice lasting longer than the other two options mentioned above.