Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash Review

//Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash Review
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On February 24, 2015
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Like most of the people, I am addicted to exfoliating products too. I tried everything, from cheap ones that can be bought in a local store to the high priced ones which can only be found on the mighty internet. Son, naturally, I tried Philosophy’s Microdelivery Face Wash, and my opinion is divided.

The microdelivery micro-massage, exfoliating treatment wash is a gentle, peeling facial cleaning agent intended to viably purge the skin while giving reemerging advantages. Sufficiently delicate to utilize day by day, this novel equation is without sulfate and formed with fixings intended to renew and secure the skin with topical cell reinforcements, as it helps condition the skin and hold its dampness level. The company claims this statement above, and my opinion is that is a little over the top.

I can’t lie; they delivered almost everything that they promised, in one way or another. Philosophy says that their product is for use on daily bases, with only 30 seconds of wearing it on face or hands, and it will be highly effective. My experience is that is best to leave it at least one minute, then it really gives its best.

Even though it has grainy consistency sand like, it didn’t harm my skin. I do have normal skin, and don’t know what would do with sensitive skin, but on my skin, it didn’t feel abrasive, it felt really nice. Silky and clean skin was resulted from sand consistency, which penetrated into deep layers of skin and cleaned pores. Those small beads were also a negative thing considering that they were pretty hard to wash away, especially if you are washing your face only with your hands.

Industrial smell isn’t a positive vote for Philosophy’s Microdelivery Face Wash either. It gave me a headache when I was applying it, but on the other side smooth base when putting on other makeup is a big pro for Philosophy’s Microdelivery Face Wash. I’m just a little bit disappointed that they didn’t make it smell like Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple cleanser.

Size of Philosophy’s Microdelivery Face Wash goes in 8 ounces, 16 ounces, 24 ounces and of course 32 ounces, which is great if you want to go for the long way with this product because the bigger bottle is cheaper.

In the end, I have to say that I’m not completely satisfied with this product, even though it almost did all of the things they promised. It is somewhere in between cheep stuff in the store and royal products, but since I tried better exfoliating product I will pass this one in the future, I’m sure of that.

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