Omron-electroTHERAPY-Pain-Relief-Device-PM3030The Omron Electro-Therapy device includes two electrodes which come in the form of sticky pads; you are supposed to put the pads on your body framing the part that is experiencing pain. For example, if you are having knee problems, you can put one of the electrodes above your knee and the other below your knee; don’t put the electrodes on the exact area that’s experiencing pain, but just above and below it. The electrodes are both attached by wires to the actual unit, which looks a little bit like a CD player.

Depending on what type of pain you are experiencing, you’ll set the device to one of three settings. There’s a setting for leg pain, a setting for back pain, and a setting for arm pain; you select which one you need on the control panel. Once you’ve set the device and attached the electrodes, you’ll start feeling short, sharp electric sensations on the area where you’ve placed the electrodes. The pattern of the bursts is dependent on the setting you chose. It’s mostly a tingly feeling, and you can even watch the muscles react under your skin as the electricity flows.

There is also a five-point intensity level control. One will give you the lowest intensity experience and five will give you the highest intensity experience. When I used the device on my arm, I felt nothing at the lowest intensity. At the second setting, there was a noticeable sensation, but it was very faint. Three was a very noticeable sensation, and I was satisfied staying at three. I don’t know if four or five would be too uncomfortable to use or if they are for people with intense pain. When you turn the device off it auto-resets back to the lowest setting, which is great because it could be a nasty surprise to start the machine at a higher setting.

You’re not supposed to use this unit for more than a half hour in one session, and you’re also not supposed to use it more than three times per day. It is automatically set to shut off after 15 minutes of use. For me, 15 to 30 minutes was a good amount of time to use it and I wouldn’t want to use it after that much time, anyway, because it does feel weird.

Even though it’s sort of strange and uncomfortable to use, it does work wonders for your pain. I found my elbow pain disappeared entirely when I used it. Of course, the pain does return after a while, but when you’ve had chronic pain for a few months that little respite can really make a world of difference in your outlook. I’ve also used it on my back with great results; it lasts longer at relieving back pain than it does with my elbow pain. It doesn’t actually solve any of the underlying issues that are causing pain, but it’s a great way to get some relief in the moment. If you have chronic muscular-skeletal issues that are causing you pain, try the Omron electro-therapy device.