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On February 7, 2015
Last modified:June 21, 2015


When you buy something and find out that it’s just the best, don’t you want to tell the whole world? Don’t you want to grab strangers on the street and give them free samples and shout about how great it is? If not, maybe you just haven’t found the perfect product yet! I never thought I’d be that person, yet here I am, ready to proclaim my love for all the internet to see. The product? Joico’s Moisture Recovery Line, a haircare lifesaver that I can’t get enough of.

To call it a full line might be a stretch – even for Joico as a brand; it includes a shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner. Rumor has it there used to be more hairstyling products in the Moisture Recovery Line, but the other products were cut (if anyone out there has some bootleg mousse or gel, let me know!). 6 months into using the Moisture Recovery Line, I’m a believer. It’s done more for my hair with just three products than a seven-product line ever has!


Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo

The shampoo is thin, liquidy, and has a pale blue color. It seems like it’s almost too thin to do any real damage (or, rather, recovery), but it’s surprisingly effective and lathers like a dream. With a small dollop, about the size of a nickel, you get a rich, foamy lather that will drench and cover every strand of your hair. Even long hair doesn’t require much shampoo to get the full effect. You’ll see the effects as soon as you rinse; you’ll feel that your hair is unbelievably soft and smooth-feeling, almost as though you’d actually used conditioner. You can feel how clean your hair is even when it’s wet. Once you see the great results from the shampoo, you’ll be dying to try the conditioner.


Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner

The conditioner is not much thicker than the shampoo (though it is noticeably thicker) and has a whitish-blue color. About a quarter-sized dollop will do find for long hair, and even less for short hair. Leave it on for 5 minutes or so and be prepared to feel what can only be described as brand-new hair. The Moisture Recovery conditioner erases years of damage from heat styling and chemicals in no time, and you’ll notice the difference as soon as you rinse. If you thought your hair couldn’t ever recover from all the trials you put it through, this product will truly wow you. And, it prepares your hair for even more abuse – go ahead and blow out your locks and continue with your usual styling routine, and you’ll find your hair still maintains a healthy, moisturized glow. You’ll feel ready to step into a hair commercial!


Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm

The Treatment Balm has a yellowish color and is incredibly thick, probably the thickest conditioner I’ve ever used. And trust me, I’ve used a lot of conditioners over the course of my life. It’s consistency and color is reminiscent of Queen Helene’s Hair Cholesterol; that product is usually marketed towards women of color for their coarser, harder-to-manage tresses, so you know it’s high-powered stuff. The Moisture Recovery deep conditioner can give great long-hair coverage with only about a dime-size amount. Give it double the time of the regular conditioner, so about 10 minutes or so. Make sure you use it on hair that’s just been shampoo’d! The gooey, thick nature of the deep conditioner feels like it would weigh your hair down, but it does just the opposite. You’ll be grabbing at your locks to make sure they’re still there! Weightless, vibrant, moisturized, illuminated color awaits as soon as you rinse. You’ll be seeing more bounce and volume than you’ve seen in a long time, and you’re guaranteed to love the effect.

As if all that wasn’t enough, it smells fantastic. Think fresh berries suffused with haute perfume; it smells so good you almost want to use it on your whole body. It’s not too much of a smell, so you won’t find people holding their noses when you come around, but it’s just enough to turn heads, and you’ll still smell it on your hair after a full day’s wear.

While I personally have longer, thicker hair, the Moisture Recovery Line works just as fabulously on short or thin hair and won’t leave it looking weighed down or over-styled. Anyone with hair that could use some serious rehab will love this line and find themselves throwing away all those other products you’ve stockpiled over the years. It is, simply put, the best recovery line on the market today for any type of hair, from fried and chemically treated to gummy to dry. It certainly gets an A++++ in my book!