Protein is critical to your workout, but most products on the market today just don’t cut it in terms of taste or texture. Whether it’s a powder that clumps up and doesn’t quite dissolve or a mix that tastes worse than the bottom of your shoe, it’s hard to get motivated over a beverage that’s a chore to drink. I know I’ve wasted my fair share of money on protein powders that were too nasty to finish. Luckily, a friend recently introduced me to the protein powder of my dreams, Jay Robb’s Whey Protein Powder.

My friend was making us some smoothies using the product, and as I was drinking my smoothie I was surprised to hear her say that there was protein powder in it. The smoothie tasted great and was smooth, not at all gritty or lumpy. Right after going to the gym that day I went to my local vitamin shop and bought a pound of Jay Robb’s. It cost about $20 for the pound, which is generally more than I want to spend, but I figured it was worth it if it would solve my protein problems.

The first thing I liked about the powder was that the sweetening ingredient is Stevia, which is natural and derived from plants. There is no added sugar in Jay Robb’s products either, the only sugar being that which naturally occurs in milk protein. There are also no chemical sugars or processed carbohydrates in it. Anything that has aspartame, Splenda, or polydextrose immediately makes me suspicious, as I don’t like the idea of putting any chemical in my body and I think that artificial sweeteners cause major health problems. Even companies that use natural sugars like fructose and glucose tend to fill their product with so much sugar (to make it bearable to drink) that it almost defeats the purpose, which is to make you healthier! I used to think that you had two options: sweet and flavorful but bad for you, or tasteless and bland but good for you. Jay Robb proved me wrong! Not only is this protein powder free of chemicals and refined sugars, it has no artificial colors, no gluten, no MSG, no fat, and has minimal lactose. Those are all things that your body will surely thank you for. It also has 24 grams of protein per serving, more than some of the less tasty, more processed powders I have tried.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, I learned that Jay Robb does not use protein from cows that have been treated with BGH, also known as Bovine Growth Hormone. BGH manipulates cows’ hormones to make them produce more milk; milk-producing cows get injections of BGH every two weeks. The FDA has not declared that milk from BGH-treated cows has any ill effect on humans, and no studies have shown this conclusively either, but the hormone does make the cow suffer and I do not support that at all. I also think there could be side effects in humans that we are not yet aware of. It’s a relief to find a protein powder that I can feel good about taking without worrying that cows are being subjected to BGH, or the potential effects on my own health.

And, of course, Jay Robb is hands down the best protein powder for taste. I have since tried all three flavors, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, and deem them all delicious. I’ve heard you can order some other flavors online, like Pina Colada, but as I have not tried these I can’t vouch for them. Of course, if they taste as good as any of Jay Robb’s other flavors, they will surely be winners. When picking out your own flavor, just think about how you usually like to get your protein powder. If you like fruity smoothies, vanilla or strawberry is probably the best way to go; people with a sweet tooth will very much appreciate the chocolate flavor. Any way you go, know that you’re getting the best for your buck. The protein blends beautifully with no lumps, even if all you have is a cup and spoon. Usually I blend mine but on those occasions that I don’t have time for a full smoothie I just mix some up with almond milk. Tell me another protein powder that you will happily drink after just mixing it up with a spoon!

It’s hard to shell out a little more at the store for a protein powder when you could go for the cheap stuff, but in the long run you will find yourself happier and healthier for it. Jay Robb’s Whey Protein Powder is the way to go, and I don’t think I could ever go back!