Six Tips for Making Healthy Green Smoothies

Everyone has been talking about green smoothies, and for good reason. They’re a great dietary supplement and they help you if you want to get a head start on your diet or weight loss program. [...]

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Omron ElectroTherapy Device Review

The Omron Electro-Therapy device includes two electrodes which come in the form of sticky pads; you are supposed to put the pads on your body framing the part that is experiencing pain. For example, if [...]

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Yeast Infection Natural Treatment

The causes of yeast infection are numerous and rages from too tight pants or underwear to steroids and birth control pills antibiotics. It occurs to women mainly during childbearing age and starts by causing small [...]

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Best Back Relief Beds and Mattresses

Those of you experiencing back pain know how important beds and mattresses are for you. Every day our back has to bend and straighten itself, turn and carry weight. So it needs the best beds [...]

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