New Moms

Think you need a little pick-me-up in the beauty department as a new mother? Or maybe you’re looking for a great gift for your friend who’s just made the transition to motherhood? Here’s a great list of products that will give the new mother all the pampering she can handle!

For Luscious Locks

Nothing can lead your hair to fall out (or at least kind of look dull) than a new infant. Think that the new mom has time to shampoo, deep condition, use a hair mask, and maybe even make a trip to the salon once in a while? Think again. The solution? Dry shampoo! No, it won’t take care of those one-of-a-kind, how-did-this-get-here hair messes that only babies can create, but it will help a new mom keep her hair looking nice, sleek, and shiny even if she hasn’t had time to shower in…how long? Suave is a great brand that acts like a salon brand without the salon price tag –you can have hair that looks freshly-washed when really it’s been….well, we won’t talk about how long it’s been. Other brands will work, as well.

One thing no one probably told you: new moms lose hair. Lots of hair. Lots and lots of it. The remedy? A deep conditioner that moisturizes each follicle and cuticle, revitalizing and rejuvenating your hair. Aveeno make a great, salon-quality product that also smells heavenly. You can find it at your local pharmacy or hair care store.

There used to be other things you did with your hair: straightening? Curling? Blow drying? Those words sound familiar, but you haven’t had five minutes to think about your hair in a long time. Style seems like a thing of the past at this point. But it’s not! Don’t give up! There’s a few tricks left to make you feel a little more fabulous. Messy buns are a great style, and a decorative hair clip can make all the difference. Hot Buns are a great product that gives you a perfect bun in just moments. AND you can use it without blow-drying your hair! You just bought yourself another 10 minutes of time.

For Amazing Cuticles

What are those weird things underneath my stomach? Oh, my legs? And feet? Are those toenails? Every new mother knows what it’s like to suddenly re-discover your lower half after nine months. Pedicure too expensive, and take you away from the baby for too long? Maybe a buffer and a salon-strength nail file are in order. Your nails should get a thorough buffing to give them that polished look. Just so you know, if you’ve been taking prenatal vitamins so that you can continue nursing your baby, your nail growth will not have suffered from pregnancy.

Sometimes, special occasions ask for something a little nicer. You might still get a date night with your special someone, so you’ll want to be able to get a manicure on the fly. What better salon than your own home? Glue on nails are a great quick-fix. For less than 10 minutes of work, you get a French manicure that lasts up to 5 days! Broadway Nails are a great product, and give you a variety of options for your specific fingernail and cuticle size!

For a Whiter, Brighter Smile

The chemicals contained in many modern teeth whitening products can be harmful during pregnancy, and aren’t recommended, so many pregnant women abstain from using them. Once you’ve got your body all to yourself again, though, you might want to jump back on the shiny, white teeth bus. For a quick, hassle-free way to get back those pearly whites, consider a product like Crest 3D White strips, which take less than a week to start showing results and only require a few minutes to use.

For Healthy, Glowing Skin

All that hand sanitizer and germ-eradicating baby wipes can really do damage to your hands and skin. Alcohol naturally dehydrates your skin, taking away its healthy glow. A deep moisturizer is a handy thing to keep around the house – especially for, well, your hands! Vaseline Repairing lotion is a great hand cream that gets deep into your skin and contains no fragrances, making it easy on you and your baby’s skin.

Have a great gift idea or product you’re dying to tell other new moms about? Let us know in the comments!