Conformation of the human body and its size are unique. That is why the decision of buying an office chair requires you take into consideration many aspects. Firstly, make your decision about the modality in which you plan to use it. This is the main concern when talking about a true comfortable office chair. The majority of them come with different built-in mechanisms for adjusting and finding the right position like tension tightness mechanism, tilting angle mechanism etc.

Chairs that will be in heavy use

These kinds of chairs are for people that will spent long hours in it. Many jobs today require you to be in a sitting position a lot. So, in this case a tilting mechanism and a device for fatigue alleviation on the bottom part of the chair seat are a must. The latter enables the chair to move with you when moving forwards and backwards. The scope is to provide all times support for your back.

Chairs that will be in moderate use

People that must often go back and forth between their desk and other areas of the office, such as assistant managers should look for the knee-tilt mechanism for their office chair. It will permit them to remain with their feet firmly planted on the ground, but, at the same time, to lean back in the chair. Simpler chairs without this built-in mechanism will force you to have your feet in the air when leaning back and forth, so sooner or later discomfort will arise. Office chairs with knee-tilt mechanism tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than the rest of chairs.

Office chairs for Executives

In general they are much like a moderate use chair but more stylish and comfortable and larger. They are designed having in mind the two main activities of an average executive, talking on the phone and working on a computer. These types of chairs must offer comfort, style and status to the owner.

The most important aspect is, undoubtedly, the comfort that an office chair can provide to its user. Buy a heavy use chair if you know that you spend a lot of time at your desk. But choose a moderate use chair if you have to move around repeatedly during the day and this way you’ll surely find the right comfort when returning back to your desk.

Office chairs – general purpose

  • Be sure to have your feet rest comfortable on the floor and that your thighs are fully supported
  • Be sure to have your back supported and feel comfortable at the same time. Also a 90 to 105 degrees angle between torso and upper legs is optimal for your comfort.
  • Be sure that the operation of tilting your back when sitting in the office chair is easy but not effortless.
  • Be sure to have your office chair customized in such a way that will allow for repeated changes in your posture.