Every time someone thinks at charcoal grilling, they have in mind a nice, old fashioned one. And this is because they do offer a fresh and different aroma to the grilled items like ribs and burgers, sausages etc. You can opt between a gas grill, a gas charcoal grill, a weber charcoal grill and a simple charcoal grill, with the latter having the advantages of being safer in use and easier to move. The fact is that charcoals grills will not disappear from the market very soon even if there are people that do not prefer them. Grillers will appreciate their reliability and practicality when organizing an outdoor grill or a picnic. But prior to buying a charcoal grill you have to indentify your needs and know what are its advantages and disadvantages related to other type of grills on the market.

1. The Cooking Area

Identifying the space needed for grilling must be your first concern. You must be aware that a 75 square-inch charcoal grill is enough for a three member family. But if you go out on a large picnic be sure to bring a larger charcoal grill. You won’t realize the capacity of the grilling area only from simply looking at the grill especially in cases in which a grill has also a warming rack that is going to make you think that it is bigger than it actually is. You must also take into consideration that there is an exponential growth relationship between the size of the grill and its capacity.

2. Portable charcoal grill

You should be looking after:
– Grills with wheels;
– Grills with ergonomically designed and efficient charcoal grill parts;
– Diminishing the risk of damaging during transportation;
– Grills that resist to outdoor usage;
– Grills that are reliable and long lasting – you should not consider grills with a flimsy looking just because they may look better.

3. Comfort in use

One of the questions you must ask yourself is how to light a charcoal grill. Here of help would be to opt for a grill that has its own igniter. Thus you’ll avoid the need of lighter fluid for igniting grills that do not have this feature. There are people disgusted by the smell of a lighter fluid. For them instead of using lighter fluids, there is the alternative of using alcohol which will burn without any smell and preserve taste of your grill items. Easily accessible pans on charcoal grills are also a very useful feature as it allows you to clean the grill faster and easier also diminishing the quantity of ash flakes in your food. You must pay attention to the lid of the charcoal grill as well. For lesser smoke and time spent on grilling choose charcoal grills with lids designed to keep the heat inside the grill.

4. Charcoal grills quality

Here we will consider the different materials from which a charcoal grill is made of. Some of them may rapidly corrode themselves and won’t fit well with other elements. Look for grills made of stainless still which will have excellent resistance to the grill heat and weather conditions. Grills painted in different colors should be avoided as the paint may not resist in time. Even if both durable and lightweight grills are not easy to find, you should give it a try to find one. But keep in mind that above all you must look for your charcoal grill durability. So, durability is your foremost concern.