six pack abs

It must be said that having six pack abs require lots of work. But, if you are focused and have enough desire to succeed it can be achieved! Today I’ll show you a two steps recipe that will produce the desired outcome if followed systematically and with commitment for a period of three months.

Step 1: What to eat

I must warn you this is by far the essential part. Having superb abs muscles but covered with fat would not help you much, as they cannot be seen. So it is important to activate the digestion process by breaking up the daily meals in five or six ”downsized” meals. And be aware that eating foods like pasta, hot dogs and hamburgers (fast food in general), white bread, sweets, sugars, hydrogenated oils and drinking soda, fructose com syrups won’t help you. On the contrary they will push you backwards in your effort to six pack abs.

Alternatively, you should eat fruits and vegetables, olive oil, granary breads, eggs, fish and chicken meat, natural peanut butter, nuts and drink water. Maybe you will not be able to rigorously stick with this diet but it’s very important to change your eating habits because, as I said earlier, in order to burn fat and build muscle this is the crucial part.

Step 2: Doing exercise

One must concentrate in three areas: ab exercises, cardio and power lifting and practice them minimum three or four times every week.

The ab workout should be done at least three times a week as ab exercises are very important especially for getting rid of stomach fat. Important for ab work out is to look for three or so ab exercises that you like most, in order to feel comfortable practicing them.

Cardio exercises should be done two times a week for 30 up to 45 minutes. You can choose between swimming, biking, doing jogging, walking or any other type of cardio exercises that you prefer.

Power lifting should be also done at least two times a week for 30-45 minutes. Remember that adding 3 pounds of muscle is equivalent with burning as many calories as in 1 mile of running. You can find online many professional websites dedicated to weightlifting exercises.

I recommend you to change periodically the workout routine (at least every two weeks) in order to maintain your body engaged. Change the weight, reps or form of cardio or, even better, choose doing other weight or ab exercises.

And that’s all. Be perseverant and keep in mind that the outcome is different from individual to individual. And after three months you’ll certainly notice positive results.