Sensitive skin can make shaving a real pain – I mean a REAL pain. Itchy, red, irritated skin takes away all the glamor and comfort of freshly shaved legs. The right type of shaving cream is essential for us sensitive-skinned folks, and while I have a few favorites I am always on the lookout for the perfect one. I recently got to test Alba Coconut Lime Moisturizing Shave Cream and Skintimate Dry Skin Shaving Cream and I want to share my results with you to help you on your journey to your ideal product!

Skintimate Dry Skin Shaving Cream

Skintimate-Dry-Skin-Shaving-CreamSkintimate’s Dry Skin Shaving Cream has the usual suspects in its ingredient list, like mineral oil and olive butter, both par for the course for dry skin products. I started with Skintimate because it’s such a well-known and established company, and I wanted to see if their product lives up to their reputation. It’s important to look past the hype and flashy commercials to see true results. When I started spreading the cream on my leg, I noticed that there was a nice balance between foam and cream, and it was not too oily or thick. The smell was flowery and not overpowering. I liked the scent and that it wasn’t overly strong; too much perfume in a shave cream can spell big trouble for sensitive legs. The cream was smooth to shave with and I didn’t need to press very hard on my skin while shaving. After shaving, though, I didn’t think my leg felt any more moisturized than it did before I shaved, though there also wasn’t any irritation or itching.

Alba Coconut Lime Moisturizing Shave Cream

Alba-Very-Emollient-Cream-Shave,-Coconut-LimeI liked that many of Alba’s ingredients were certified organic. I don’t think chemicals benefit anyone’s skin, especially not sensitive skin. The ingredients included certified organic aloe (sensitive skin’s best friend!) and certified organic coconut. The ingredients alone would put some shavers at ease. The cream has a very viscous, gooey texture and the citrus odor was a little much for me. However, it was easy to spread and a just a little bit of the cream was enough to cover my whole leg. The directions were specific in not applying too much, so I applied an even amount. The shave itself was not as smooth as Skintimate; I had to press much harder on my razor to get through to my skin and after every stroke the blade was full of cream and needed to be cleaned off. This product also did not irritate my skin, nor did it cause any itching, but any extra moisturizing was missing from my experience. Both my legs felt exactly the way they did before I shaved, which isn’t a bad thing as it means neither product caused undue irritation.


Organic enthusiasts would appreciate Alba’s ingredient list, if nothing else. Both products did the job swimmingly without irritating or itching, but neither offered the moisturizing effects the packaging promised. In the end, your choice between the two will probably come down to your own preferences regarding scent, ingredients, and thickness.