If you want long, luxurious, healthy hair there’s one thing you simply can’t ignore: conditioning!

For many, the conditioner you use is the most important haircare product in their bathroom. It heals you hair from styling, helps you grow long, healthy hair, helps keep split ends at bay, and gives you a sleek and smooth look that you’ll love running your fingers through. A good conditioner is especially important if you’re looking to grow your hair long; bad conditioners simply won’t work for your hair and you’ll end up disappointed. Bad conditioners can leave your hair feeling weighed down when the whole reason you are conditioning is light, bouncy, voluminous hair. For me, I like to use all-natural oils like coconut or olive oil when I need to undo damage from styling and get a great deep conditioning, so when I buy a conditioner at a store I’m looking for something light and effective to supplement.

Something new can really do wonders for your hair.

Sometimes, switching up your hair care routine can make all the difference. Using a new conditioner can revitalize your hair because it works differently than what you’ve been using, giving your hair a boost of fresh energy. It’s handy to have a selection of great conditioners to alternate between to keep your hair healthy. Here are some of my absolute favorite conditioners for long hair; they’re equally great at maintaining shorter tresses and keeping any sort of hair healthy.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Pantene-Pro-V-Beautiful-Lengths-Strengthening-ConditionerThis is one of my all-time top conditioners. It’s got everything long hair needs to stay healthy and keep growing; in fact, it’s made with a special formula designed specifically for that purpose. One use will be all it takes to convert you! It’s also very cost-effective and budget-friendly and can be found in most drugstores. It has a fresh, floral scent that isn’t overpowering. You only need to use it for a little while in order to start seeing real, remarkable results in your hairs overall health. You won’t have any flyaways, and it will take your hair from dull and brittle to soft and shiny. It doesn’t weigh down your hair, either, so you’ll have some nice natural bounce.

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Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship

Herbal-Essences-Long-Term-Relationship-Hair-Conditioner-For-Long-HairThe Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship conditioner is also based on a special formula that is designed to give long hair everything it needs to be healthy. It is somewhat heavier than some of the other conditioners I use regularly; I recommend it for dry winter or summer months when your hair needs that extra boost of moisture to keep it from getting frizzy and dry. If you do a lot of chemical styling or heat styling and have brittle, frizzy hair as a result this product would be ideal for you. It’s great for preventing or healing split ends, too. It’s very affordable and easy to find. If you have a lot of breakage in your hair that is keeping it from growing, this conditioner can help alleviate those issues. It has a floral scent that smells amazing but is stronger than some other conditioners, so definitely don’t overdo it when you’re applying the conditioner.

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Dove Advanced Care

Dove-Advanced-Care-Intense-Damage-Therapy-ConditionerThe Dove Advanced Care conditioner is what I like to call a heavy hitter. It goes in deep for an intense conditioning experience when you absolutely need some hair repair. It’s up to the task of hydrating long locks and will heal and moisturize your hair all the way from root to tip. It also leaves your hair feeling very soft and touchable. You don’t need much conditioner to get the full effect either; a dollop is enough to handle every very long hair, which is great for your budget and it also means you have less product weighing down your hair.

I wouldn’t recommend using this conditioner for more than 3 weeks, though, because it can leave your hair over-saturated and weighed down over time. I usually just alternate the Dove Advanced Care with another conditioner between uses. It’s very affordable and provides a great deep conditioning experience; it’ll repair any damage to your hair and protect against split ends. It has a fruity smell that is pleasant without being overpowering.

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There’s not many conditioners on my must-have list, but I find them more than sufficient for my hair care routine. That’s not to say I don’t also do plenty of experimenting! But these are my budget-friendly go-to’s and they haven’t failed me yet.