Normally every human being loses hair when combing too often or in wet conditions. Scientists consider this a healthy process in cases of small amount of hair fallen because it creates the circumstances for new hair to grow there. Here a small amount is considered to be around one hundred hair strands. Excessive hair loss means exceeding this limit.

If someone guesses that they are suffering from hair loss, they are be advised to go to a professional for examination and correct diagnosis. For someone that is in danger of going bald because of some skin disorders or by genes, seeing a doctor will allow them to find which the alternatives are for treating this health problem.

But there are many people that do not have permanent hair loss and for them good results for the hair loss problem can be achieved also from the comfort of their houses.

1. The marvels of massage

Massage to prevent the hair loss was practiced from ancient times. Massage helps the hair to become more powerful as it’s strengthening the follicles. Furthermore, by pushing on the thumbs against the scalp with the correct pressure, the hair is helped to grow. You can make yourself a scalp massage or ask someone else to do it. Also, you may want to try an electric hair massage appliance found in many wellness stores if making it manually isn’t convenient you.

2. Applying hot oils

Hot oils treatments prevent hair from falling and at the same time help cure small afflictions to the scalp. So it is considered a very valuable method. In order to have good results it is recommended doing treatment with hot oils not less than three times a week. It can be done in the comfort of your home with the help of a shower cap. There are ready-to-use treatments available for buying that include a number of herb oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil. Also, you must know that thyme oil, lavender oil or other similar oils can induce relaxation in your body, so you may want to buy ready-to-use hot oil treatments that contain them.

3. Extracts from aloe vera plant

People living in tropical areas regard aloe vera as a “wonder plant”, using it also for treating hair loss problems. There are three ways of using this plant: like a cream applying fresh pulp of aloe vera directly on the scalp and hair, like a drink enabling the body to absorb its substances rapidly, and like a hair tonic in combination with other herbs.

4. Cinnamon, honey and olive oil mix

The substances contained in such a mixture are credited with beneficial effects on both the hair and the scalp by strengthening them. By mixing cinnamon, honey and olive oil result a cream. It is used prior to shampooing and applied to the hair roots and to the scalp itself.

5. Ginger extracts

Here you will be required to cut a piece of ginger and put it straight onto the zones on the scalp that suffer of baldness. It facilitates a healthy hair growth thus being a good solution in cases of hair loss problems. If you consider its bad odor as an inconvenient, combine the juice extracted from ginger with fine lead powder.