Baby strollers are of many different types. This makes it possible for parents to find the one that suit best their child needs but also will require them to be well inform about the offer of baby strollers on the market. The following aspects will influence parent’s decision: the way and places in which the stroller will be used, the number of children that will use it and, last but not least, the price. Alongside these aspects there are also the crucial issues of comfort and safety that are required to be considered. Below there is a list with different types of strollers that can be found on the market.

Standard baby strollers are designed to accommodate one child. They have many built-in features like: handlebars, parent trays, fabrics, play trays, rain covers. Adjustable handlebars make things easier for the parents by relieving some of their back strain and are a standard feature for the majority of baby strollers nowadays.

There are also the two seats strollers. The seats can be placed one behind the other which is the standard between double strollers. Also, on this type of stroller the child seating behind is seeing the back of the child seating in the front. To overcome this shortcoming, manufacturers have come up with a number of solutions. One of them is the stadium seating type of stroller in which the back seat is slightly raised above the other in order for the child seating in the back to have a clear front view. The other solution is the side by side baby stroller. Strollers in which babies seat one in front of the other are known as face baby strollers. All these types of strollers have many different seating adjustments for finding the best position for your babies.

If you are a jogging addicted you should know that there are also jogging strollers on the market. This way you can take your child with you when jogging. This type of stroller has a triangular frame, having one wheel in the front and two bigger ones in the rear. They come with lots of useful features. One intended for safety is the wrist strap placed on the handle bar which forces the stroller to stop at the same time when you stop running. In this case however always use also the breaks. You can find on the market jogging strollers with multiple seats as well.

Watch out for triple strollers. They are an excellent option for parents with three infants or triplets. These ones can come with tandem seating, stadium seating or side by side type of seating. And of course, in this case you have also solved your need for fitness.

Convertible multiple strollers can be transformed into a two-seat stroller by adding another seat and a transverse bar. It may be useful to check if the stroller that you intend to buy has this particular option.

You should also check out for umbrella strollers as they have multiple advantages. For example, they are cheaper, more lightweight and can be easily accommodated into the car trunk. They are designed especially for activities like going to the Mall or taking a short walk. It is also possible to find multiple seating umbrella strollers. There must be said that this type of stroller do have though two major drawbacks: they are not intended for all terrain and they easily lose their balance, so you might want to avoid hanging any object however lightweight on its handle bar.

Light weight strollers are, from the weight point of view, between umbrella and standard strollers. A single hand motion is usually enough for folding them. There are, of course, multiple seating light weight strollers available on the market.

Carriage strollers can be modulated in such a way that they will transform themselves from a bed on wheels to a stroller. So they can be considered convertible strollers. They are a must if you have newly born babies. By moving the handle in reverse they become a stroller and can be used in situation that the child is sitting up.

A very useful type of stroller is the bike stroller, known also as trailers. They are attached to the frame of your bike. They have the option to transform themselves from a bike stroller to a stroller without using any tool. They have also a welcomed safety feature: a five point harness for each of the children called the restraint system.